Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mapvember: Temple Of Pillars

5th day, my second map. My first map yesterday was a temple, I've done an OSR dungeon adventure module called Temple Of Greed, so I decided to continue with the temple theme here.


Inside the temple there are 64 pillars. Carved on each pillar is a spell. To copy the spell in Mage's spell book takes ten times longer, than copying from a scroll or another spell book.

The statues are guardians, who protect the pillars. No one can harm a pillar, or spell-enforced golems will attack.

There is a room, where pillarkeeper resides. He keeps the pillars clean and dusts the corners of the halls. He is also 13th level Mage.

From the gape into the guts of the Realm darklings and imps have carved their way into the temple. They have a magical secret door separating them from gaining all the spells for their dark masters. They are waiting for the right moment to raid the temple and steal the pillars.

At any time, there are 3d10 Mages studying and copying spells into their spell books. But it is not cheap, you must pay a fee of 10,000 GP to enter the Temple Of Pillars. As the price is so high, adding spell research costs, many live years inside the temple, camping in corners and hallways.

Original drawing on leftover paper.

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