Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Temple Of Idols, map and micro-dungeon information for mapvember

+Miska Fredman (Ironspine) decided, that this month is a mapvember. You draw map a day for other's amusement. Sounds neat? Well it is!

Unfortunately I've been busy, so this is my first map for mapvember.

Wanna see all the cool maps? Check out Google+ hashtag #mapvember

Inside these ancient caverns adventurers can find five idols of ancient gods. These idols alone don't do anything special, but when combined in a central room, they summon the ancient gods. The gods are:
  • Myurrughah: God of snakes and secrets
  • Himethos: God of salmons and hail
  • Dut'rutho: God of hair loss and poverty
  • Ling Mao: God of arts of war and roses
  • Turroskoz: God of dark places and sunny days
  • Star: A statue
  • Whirl: A teleport to next whirl (and back)
  • S: Secret door
  • Dot: Pillars
Random Encounter Table (1d6):
  1. Giant rats, that flee but attack if cornered
  2. Bright red centipedes, size of a finger, extremely and deadly poisonous
  3. A golem with amnesia
  4. Ghosts of a previous adventurers' party
  5. Invisible rabid bats
  6. Intelligent fingernails
Random Traps:
Each room, door, corridor, has a 20% chance of a trap set. Use your favorite rules or twisted imagination for random traps.

You know how much you want to give treasures for your players. One statue might be worth 500 to 5,000 GP. But when combined, they are alive, and worth nothing. All other treasures, potions, magic items and scrolls are discretionary.

The original drawing:
5.6" x 4.1"

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