Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hulks & Horrors Redshirt Template And NPC Quick Generator

Redshirts in Hulks & Horrors roleplaying game are a character class for those fresh characters who cannot qualify to be any of the seven classes. Instead of re-rolling there is an option to play a redshirt class. They are weak but learn a stat point in every level until they can qualify for a class and get "promoted" to that class.

This document gives DMs a quick rules to create NPC redshirts (something like "henchmen" in fantasy editions) and a character tracking sheet.
First table shows HD/level, to-hit modifier and HP for redshirt. Either choose what level redshirt NPC you would like to create OR roll % dice to see what level redshirt you got.
Example: Rolling 83 gives HD/LVL 3 redshirt with +1 to-hit and 9 HP, unless you want to roll the HP using 3D6.

Firearms are rolled with 1D10. One firearm per redshirt. How much ammunition, shots, the redshirt has for his gun is rolled 3D10 minus roll result of firearm.
Example: Result 8 gives redshirt Naval Pumpgun and 3D10 - roll result 8 five shots for it.

Melee weapons are rolled like firearms. One per redshirt.

Armor are rolled using D6. It's more likely that a redshirt is unarmored (he's got a red uniform, though. Or any other kind of uniform his job fashions).

Other equipment is given for the redshirt. If a redshirt is hired he possesses a firearm, a melee weapon and possibly an armor. NPC redshirts player characters encounter have the equipment DM gives them.

NPC tracker is used for created redshirts. # is basically identification for additional notes and information. HP is current HP.

Feel free to download! There might be version updates (1.0 at the time writing this), or not.

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