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[LL] Graveyard of Dusk

Graveyard Of Dusk v. 1.0

Location for Labyrinth Lord (by Goblinoid Games) and other old-school games. 


From the main road there's an old overgrown trail not much used anymore. Two hours walk down the trail leads to the Graveyard of Dusk. Closest town is half-day travel away.

The Graveyard of Dusk is on the hill which the setting sun beautifully illuminates. The site is old. The newest grave was dug almost hundred years ago. The place is eerie, but peaceful in daytime. In the night the scream begins...

This is a small location for Labyrinth Lord (by Goblinoid Games) to be used alongside a campaign or standalone adventure.

 What Characters Know

The well is an obvious place for travelers to rest at. The signing tree's voices can be heard to the well if carefully focused on. Also on the overgrown path traveling Cleric's tracks to The Shrine are clearly visible.

From the closest town rumors of the haunted graveyard could have been gathered.

Wishing Well

Old but well preserved well with clear and refreshing water. If carefully examined an old scribble reading "wishing well" can be distinguished.

 For every 1gp (in gold standard) worth of coins tossed in there is equal % change for that wish to come true. But the wishes are granted by a trickster fairy, who makes the results as funny as possible. Not horribly wrong, but wrong enough. Still, there is always a small change (1%) that the trickster is not in the mood of making practical jokes and he fulfills the wish as presented.

The Signing Tree

The tree itself is not signing but the spirit within. The tone of the song is sad. Once in the past the tree spirit fell in love with a mortal man and bewitched him. As the tree spirit couldn't leave the tree the man visited her daily, sometimes staying for days.
But one day the man didn't come. He was ill and old and soon after died. The immortal tree spirit was now alone drowning in sorrow.

When the tree is approached the tree spirit will fall in love with the character with highest Charisma score. The spirit will do anything to help the character out of love as long as the character agrees to burn the tree and let the spirit die. But if the character's, who the tree spirit fell in love with, Charisma score is over 15 the tree spirit tries to bewitch him. Save versus, or the character falls in love with the tree spirit and wants to be with her, forever.

The spirit can manifest as an eerie figure. Its shape and looks are viewed differently between individuals as their ideal of beauty and sexual preferences are.

The tree spirit can be only killed if the tree is burned. Chopping it down will banish the spirit, but eventually the tree will grow back.

The Shrine

The Shrine is old and made of stone. The god for whom it is erected is long forgotten. But the shrine still has some magical qualities. Evil and chaotic characters feel unnerved around the stone and for the next 1d6 hours roll twice as much dice as normally choosing the worst for the roll results. Good characters feel blessed and for the next 1d6 hours roll twice as much dice as normally choosing the best results. Neutral characters don't feel anything special.

At The Shrine there is also a Cleric (3th level, woman with a scale mail, shield, mace +1, normal adventurer's gear, holy symbol) praying. She refuses to tell her name, as she is a servant of her god, not a person. She could accompany the characters for a while as long as their next destination is a holy place.

The Rock

The rock is big, size of a mansion. It is slippery and hard to climb. On top of it the whole area can be observed. Inside the rock is a dungeon (of your choice).


To get to the lake you need to go through the woods or rough rocky terrain. Woods is the easy part, in rocky terrain party must make a dexterity based save or loose 1d3 hit points damage to legs. The lake is surrounded with a swamp. Not too deep to be hazardous, but crossing it will open poisonous gas bubbles from within the ground. Save versus poison or suffer 1d3 damage every hour for 2d6 hours.

The lake is muddy and smelly and the water looks dirty. In full moon a pony sized frog will emerge from the middle of the lake starting to stare at the stars. If attacked, the frog flees under the water immediately and cannot be reached that night anymore.

The frog is actually an alien who just wants to go home. The lake seems to be only safe place for him to stay at the moment. He stares to the stars to see when the spaceship comes to collect him.


Old graves, nothing special except maybe some historical value. For graverobbers graves have some valuables, as was (And is) a custom. 2d6 gp in gold (exploding dice, if 6 is rolled, roll again and add) and a 25% change for 1d4 items (use a random item generator of your choice).


The mausoleum carved in a rock. It is simple with some emblems. Near the door an adventurer's body can be found. He has died the last night. The adventurer has normal adventurer's gear, leather armor, a bow and full quiver of arrow and a sword. 164 gp can be found in his pouch. His locket hanging on his neck contains a small painted picture of his wife. The wife can be tracked to the nearest town. If opened, there is a simple grave inside. In the grave the body is only a pile of dust. Nothing valuable can be found.

In the dusk a spectre flies out of the mausoleum screaming with horrible voice and haunts the graveyard attacking who ever is there.

Screaming Spectre

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 300' (100') fly
Armor Class: 1
Hit Dice: 6 + party size
Attacks: 2 (touch, scream)
Damage: 1d8, drain level, special
Save: F8
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: XIX

When a victim is struck, it suffers 1d8 hit points of damage and loses 2 experience levels or 2HD. The Screaming Spectre screams constantly and everyone in the graveyard must save versus Spells or loose 1 Con. Con is regained 1 per hour when the screaming cannot be heard. Those who visited The Shrine are immune to level train and Screaming Spectre's special attack.

Random Encounters

Roll random encounter table every hour party spends time at the location.

  1. Small animal, rabbits, squirrels, harmless snakes etc.
  2. Small animal, rabbits, squirrels, harmless snakes etc.
  3. Small animal, rabbits, squirrels, harmless snakes etc.
  4. Small poisonous snake bites random character. Save versus poison or suffer 1 damage.
  5. Bigger animal, wild boar, deer, moose. 1 in 6 change will attack, otherwise flees.
  6. Weird laughter which source cannot be tracked. This is the trickster fairy observing the party.
  7. Sudden rain what stops as quickly as it started. Everything smells fresh and nice after.
  8. Rare flowers, mushrooms or other potion ingredients.
  9. Old bones sticking from the soil.
  10. Roll the wilderness Forest/Wooded encounter table in LL rulebook page 104. 
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