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Creating a Warrior for Tunnels & Trolls

This is a step-by-step character creation for Tunnels & Trolls free rules, you can get from DriveThruRPG.

The Attributes are rolled 3d6 in order.

  • Strength: 11
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Luck: 8
  • Constitution: 14
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Charisma: 9
  • Speed: 15
Weight possible is how much you can carry equipment and that is Strength x100, so my character's value for this is 1100.

In addition to human there are three other races to choose from. Elves, Dwarves and Halflings make some changes to Attributes. I want to be a brave Halfling warrior, so the changes are: Strength x ½, Constitution x2 and Dexterity x 3/2. My new stats are:

  • ST: 6
  • IQ: 8
  • LK: 8
  • CON: 28
  • DEX: 18
  • CHA: 15
  • SPD: 15
Weight possible is now only 600!

As you can see the even though you use same method for generating the stats as in D&D the stats are not limited to 18. Experienced characters might easily have some stats at 40, 50, 60 and even higher!

In these rules there are two different Character Types to choose from. Warriors can use any kind of weapon and they get double protection from armor and shields. Wizards know magic but can only use weapons like daggers, quarterstaff etc. My Halfling is a Warrior!

Now the rules are in a weird order, as now it is time to buy some equipment before we get to write down our combat stats. I get 3d6 x10 gold to make purchases. That is 110 gold to use.

Complete leather armor costs 50gp, weights 200 and gives "hits taken" (damage reduction) of 6. But as a Warrior I can double that so "hits taken" is 12. Complete mail is 11 for Wizards so the Warrior class really gives an edge to combat!

Weapons are really expensive and I got only 60gp left. Before I go buy a weapon I want 1 provision for 1 day for 10 gp. That's one day's worth of food, drink, "matches". It weights 20.

Now I got 50gp left to buy a weapon. I'd love to have a bow but those are damn expensive and basically useless if a monster comes to melee range. So I have to forget it for now (and earn some gold adventuring first). Common spear costs 22gp and it can be also thrown so that's what I'll get. Common spear Dice + adds for combat are 3+1 (roll 3d6 + 1 + character adds), it has 40 yds range and weights 50.

I got 28 gp left what I decide to use to buy warm dry clothing and a pack (costs 5, weights 10) and hemp rope what costs 1sp per ft and weights 10 per 5ft.

The last thing is to calculate how well I fight. For each point above 12 of ST, LK and DEX I get +1 to my "Personal Adds". Attributes below 9 are a penalty to Personal Adds the same way. When attacking you roll dice from weapon + weapon add + personal adds against the enemy's equal roll. The difference of these roll results is how much damage the loser suffers. From that damage your armor's "hits taken" is decreased. That's the damage result you suffer. Your CON is how much damage you can suffer (like HP in D&D).

My Personal Adds score is 2 thanks to low ST and LK! When I attack with my spear I roll 3d6 +3.

I can also use my spear as a missile weapon and those rules are a bit different. The attacker must make a DEX saving roll (2d6 + DEX) versus the chart's "to hit number". Maximum range with my spear against humanoid sized creature difficulty is 35 I need to beat with 2d6 + 18. HARD! But luckily the dice are exploding so I can re-roll sixes and add to the previous number. But only the armor can protect from a ranged attack...

That was quick and my Halfling Warrior Merry The Spear is ready for adventures and gold!

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