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[Review] Three Swordsmen by Venger Satanis

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Venger's blogpost about Three Swordsmen

Additional Quirks For The Classic Fighter Class

Don't hate me but in my humble opinion the classical Fighter class is a little dull. I know they can endure most blows, they have a widest variety of weapons and armor available and they hit best. But mechanically by-the-book players got two things they can do: roll to hit and roll for damage (naturally player can declare all kinds of actions like throwing sand on the eyes, tackling against a wall, kick down the shaft etc. but those are up to the Referee to decide mechanically as in old rules don't have these special maneuvers covered.

This PDF gives three optional Fighter templates you can add on your classic Fighter class.

The product starts with an introduction what is good read. Basically it's what and why but it's well written and I enjoyed it. Obviously once you read it you don't need it anymore so we carry on to the mechanics.

Three Fighters And Their Powers

The three different Fighters each have three special skills/powers which of one is same for everyone, so they each have two unique skills/powers. The more powerful the Fighter becomes in levels, more often or more powerful his skill becomes. This doesn't happen every level though so the new Fighter doesn't seem to be too overpowered. The shared skill is an additional attack once, twice etc. per day depending on a character level.

Also a brief description for every Fighter type explains who and what they are. Templars aka paladins are kind of knights. They don't necessarily fight for religion but for duty. They might attend to holy wars but still can adventure as their devotion dictates. Their skills are deflection (with nice rule quirks) and the other leadership what also works as turn undead but on any enemy!

The second one is titled as a Slayer. He is a mercenary, bountyhunter, hired sword. Generally a guy who can -and will- fight. He can use his power with a magic blade with some conditions (blade was used to slay a chaotic wizard for example) to deal an automatic critical hit (how do you handle criticals? Maximum damage, double damage, additional attack?). Other skill is additional attack when Slayer kills an enemy.

Reaver is the third and the last Fighter variation. They are chaotic descendants of assassins. The blood-soaked reavers. The more they kill the more stronger they get in a battle and they get bonus against an opponent under any kind of unawareness (unnoticing, condition, under spell).

The classes are different enough and the Reaver is way more different than the first ones. All of the Fighter types (for me at least) work as an inspiration how the character would be played instead of just to-hit-damage rolls. The special skills/powers are not making Fighters more special or overpowered, they are mere things that Fighters do. Fight well.

The Sword Is Important Too

What about the sword? When a Fighter dies roll the table to see what happens to the swords. It will become a legendary weapon, but in which way? This is a really nice addition what makes Fighters really those heroes bards sing about. And makes iconic blades special without always being enchanted by the wizard next door.


I love this! Well written, interesting types of Fighters with nice powers which don't make them superheroes.

In my arrogant opinion this is worth 5/5 skulls. Even if it wasn't free.

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