Sunday, 21 August 2016

Because the international community of roleplayers has been so awesome to me, I decided to lower the price of Crypt Of Doom - A Compilation Of Patreon Supported 2015 Material to pay-what-you-want, both PDF and print (print at cost + postage). Original prices are $6.50 for PDF and $13.10 for POD. So now is your change to get all this for free:
  • About Level Drain
  • Æg Artifacts
  • Auspices
  • Bazaar Of Extraordinary Items
  • Bearries & Bearletons
  • Bubghia: The Hunters In Forests
  • Child Of The Rainbow Dust
  • The Church Of Stab
  • Dungeon Beneath The City
  • Encounters In Snowy Locations
  • Epic Mëtal Awesome Weapons
  • Eyes Of The Hidden Moon
  • Lioness Of The North
  • Monster Skeleton Creator
  • The Museum Of Artifacts
  • Night Leeches
  • The Rheum In The Fields
  • Sea Wizard's Coral Tower
  • Simple Adventure Generator
  • Stones Of The Gods
  • Tasty, Groovy, Poisonous Shrooms
  • Throne Of The Stone Cyclops
  • Tower Of Tremors
  • Witch's Cauldron Mishap Table

Get it here:

And if you like the material, you can support me to create more at:

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