Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Pamphlet 1: Fields of Forsaken, my newest publication now live!

The story is simple. Last night I dreamed of writing a rpg supplement called Paphlet: Fields of Forsaken. First thing this morning after I woke up, I started writing it. I had to do it straight in one sit, or I'd forget it.

Here it is, extempore publication, Pamphlet 1: Fields of Forsaken.

You can get a pay-what-you-want pdf at RPGNow, or you can order a basement print copy directly from me. It costs 4€ + postage. Scroll down this post to see postages to your location and order info.

Below you see sample images of the test print I approved.



POSTAGES (in €):
  • FINLAND (1st / 2nd class): 1.60 | 1.40
  • EUROPE: 2.30 | 2.20
  • REST OF THE WORLD: 5.50 | 2.60

Simple, send me email to doomproducts@gmail.com titled PAMFLET and I know what you are up to! Payments either Paypal or bank transfer.


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