Friday, 4 September 2015

Finnish OSR news: SL&VL zine and ToG review

SL&VL Zine

SL&VL is an abbreviation for the Finnish OSR-community Siniset Luolat & Valkeat Lohikäärmeet (Blue Dungeons & White Dragons), and this is the first published product, an OSR-zine, the group made.

The PDF is now available for free in Finnish (get it HERE) and the A5 size print is in proof phase. Before I review the zine issue 1, I have to wait to get it in print (placed order 5 minutes ago). I've seen the PDF so many times, I need to feel it in my hands.

The premise is Castle Caldwell re-imagined, with additional material. There's an illustration by me and the map is by me (from +Jonas Mustonen's original layout).

I am proud of our group, for making this happen. Currently we are starting to work with the second issue.

The crew in the first issue are: +Tommi Brander+Jonas Mustonen+Wille Ruotsalainen+Mikael 
Tuominen, and myself.

Some OSR reviews in Efemeros blog

+Sami Koponen is not only a great guy, my friend, publisher, and roleplaying games enthusiast and pioneer of modern ages, but also a blogger. He has reviewed aforementioned SL&VL zine and my Temple Of Greed. Also +Lamentations of the Flame Princess gets space there.
Sami wasn't very impressed with Finnish OSR but he admits that he doesn't know the (DIY) scene that well. The article is well written, though.

You can read the article in Finnish HERE, and google translated to English HERE.

What do you think?

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