Sunday, 3 May 2015

[Review] The Tomb Of Gardag The Strange

A Labyrinth Lord compatible adventure by 3 Toadstool Publishing+Shane Ward. PDF, pay-what-you-want available at DriveThruRPG.


Artwork is very cool, looted from Shane finds the best pictures there! Layout is clear two columns. What I like very much in descriptions is that general information is separated from italic GM information. This style makes entries easy to read and separate what should be told right away for players, and what not.

The Adventure

Dungeon with a good introduction. Something else than your average "there's treasure, go get it". Background of the adventure is nice and easily put in a setting of your choice. In only 16 pages (including OGL) there are 24 rooms! That's a lot!

The adventure is quite dark with undead, tombs and stuff like that. I like it. If you've played Skyrim you know what I mean if I say that I can imagine Tomb Of Gardag like draugh tombs.

I think that all content fits together quite nicely, I didn't get any "that's random" or "what is that doing there in the first place" feelings like some dungeons give.

Extra Stuff

You also get three pregenerated characters. The adventure is for 3rd level adventurers but the pregens are first levels. Shane told that it's a mess-up and leftover, because initially this was going to be Dungeon Crawl Classics funnel adventure inspired.

You also get 12 interesting henchmen. No stats, but cool descriptions. I like little things what can be used elsewhere even if the adventure is used.

Value For Money?

Yes. This is great dungeon! It is pay-what-you-want, so it doesn't cost anything to get. So I think this is a must have. Although I think this is worth money, and the money is well spent.

When Shane was writing this I saw WIP and got very excited about it. Now published, it claimed my excitement and gave more.

I like this!

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