Friday, 13 February 2015

[WIP] The Temple Of Greed. when things accidentally go viral!

True story.

I am working on a small dungeon. 13 locations, no monsters. There are tricks, traps and treasure. It is not forced. Greed is the theme. Your players are not greedy enough if they don't want to claim the treasure within. It's their loss.

This will be free for D-oom Products google plus community members. Also will be available at RPGNow. Not expensive, but costs something.

+Dyson Logos will draw a map for it.
+Tim Snider said he can edit the text so you don't have to read my weird Finnish version of English.
+Jeff Russell will draw decoration art.

Dyson will turn this into amazing.
First draft of the dungeon layout by yours truly.
I released a closed sneak peek beta thingie for selected individuals. For opinions. (Un)Fortunately my friend +Noah Stevens was too quick to share this and didn't notice the undermost text:

And yeah, please don't share.

And off it went!

As a gentleman Noah is he tried to fix it but I thought, what the heck. Seriously, if you put something -anything- online, you will loose control of it.

I thank Noah, because now I advertise it! Right here. Also because it is out there, I'll put the link to that file for you to download it. It is work in progress beta with lowest quality ever. But hey, you can peek behind the curtain of D-oom Products OSR lab!

Here it is, private beta now public:


Comments are welcome! If you comment it your name will be added to credits (if you want to). Send comments to doomproducts at gmail dot com.

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