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Creating a character for Labyrinth Lord

In my old blog Cradle of Rabies I created some characters, labeled 1000 and 1 characters. I begin it in here, now. I remember when I was younger player I enjoyed to create characters. Character creation was like solo-gaming, or a mini-game of the roleplaying game. Also creating characters taught me how characters work and what are disadvantages and advantages of different stats. Basically how game worked in player's point of view. I think it is also good practice to create a character or two for a game you are about to run to make character creation run smooth. At least there is one person at the table who knows what's going on!

Anyways, here's the first character for this series of posts called Character for every game. Obviously I cannot create a character for every single roleplaying game out there so I have to start with games in my collection. Starting with my dead woods, and if I run out of those I still got plenty of PDFs to cover!

The first game I chose is Labyrinth Lord for the reason that it's the game I am currently running. Let's start!

1. Character Abilities

3d6 in order, then write down the modifiers from tables. For every ability there's own table of modifiers.

My abilities are:

Strength: 10 (modifier to hit, damage, and forcing doors: 0)
Dexterity: 10 (modifier to AC, missile attacks, and initiative: 0)
Constitution: 9 (modifier to hit points: 0)
Intelligence: 12 (additional languages: 0, able to read and write)
Wisdom: 11 (saving throw modifier: 0)
Charisma: 13 (reaction -1, retainers 5, retainer morale 8)

I see a Magic-User here!

2. Choosing A Class

It's Magic-User because of high Intelligence. My intelligence is not high enough for experience bonus though.
I need 2,501 experience points to reach second level.

3. Hit Points

Magic-User's hit die is very low, 1d4! It doesn't matter that much do I roll 1 or 4, I better stay in the middle anyways and try not to get stabbed at all. Rolled 3, I might survive a blow... or two if I am lucky.

4. Spells

I can memorize one spell per day, but I decide I have two first level and two second level spells in my magic book. I determine these starting spells randomly. My spells are:

  • Sleep (1st lvl): This is extremely handy spell for crowd control.
  • Read magic (1st lvl): This should be class ability rather than a spell in my opinion, because it is essential for Magic-Users to learn new spells from other spell books. Glad I got it!
  • Detect Invisible (2nd lvl)
  • Mirror Image (2nd lvl): My "extra lives" in combat. For every mirrored image I get a free hit I can take.
5. Saves

We are close to where saves are in the book, so let's write those down. Saves are the same for every M-U of levels 1-5 unless you get a bonus from high Wisdom for magic effects. My saves are:

Breath Attacks: 16
Poison or Death: 13
Petrify or Paralyze: 13
Wands: 13
Spells or Spell-like Devices: 14

6. Alignment

I choose my alignment to be neutral. No need to be Lawful nor Chaotic. I just walk my own path.

7. Languages

I can speak and write common and alignment. If I had higher Intelligence, I could know some extra languages.

8. Starting Wealth And Equipment

3d6 for starting gold gives me 150 gp. Time to buy stuff! I get:
  • Silver dagger (only weapon I can use and no armors for me! It's silver though so it can harm some supernatural beings. More expensive though...)
  • Five scroll cases
  • Backpack to carry all my mage's stuff around
  • Garlic, three gloves (makes rations taste good and for supernatural monsters to sniff)
  • Ink, quill pen (to write scrolls and spells)
  • Lantern and oil (to be able to read and write in dark)
  • 10 sheets of parchment
  • Rations for 5 days, preserved
  • Large sack for loot of magical in nature
  • Wolfsbane, fistful
  • Guard dog (my loyal friend and security)
51 gp and 1 sp in pockets after shopping.

And my AC is 9, unarmored.

9. Finishing Touches

All done! Now my Magic-User needs a name. He shall be called Dom Wiz. It is not his birth name, but the name he was given in mage's college. He was just a peasant with normal name what didn't fit the guild's reputation.

The guild's teacher of herbology found Dom when he was only four years old, alone in the woods. His parents were eaten by a werewolf and Dom was saved to be a desert. Luckily herbalogist Magic-User found Dom before this and saved him.

Dom started as servant but his adopt father teached him little things every now and then. Seeing potential in him he suggested that Dom should become a student in mage's guild. That didn't happen but Dom's adopt father got a permission to teach Dom as long as it didn't affect his duties.

That's how Dom learned arts of magic and herbology.

His adopt father now dead he has no real place in guild. He packed his belongings and took his favorite dog and left to find his own path...

Now in this tavern he stopped by, there looks to be adventurers in the corner reading a treasure map...

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