Tuesday, 19 July 2016

D&D 5e game night + birthday presents I gave

I got to play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition with my friends for the first time face-to-face. It was also almost Dungeon Master Jaakko's birthday and my birthday was recently, so there was minor celebration going on, too!

I wanted to gift Jaakko something, so here's what I gave to him!

Custom "Ravenloft Bootleg" booklet I created using pictures from WotC Facebook stream.
Pamphlet 2: Dystopia, my latest publication. PWYW at RPGNow.
Ikiseutu, my one-page-dungeon contest entry, PWYW at RPGNow.
D30s from my store.
Here are pictures of Ravenloft Bootleg content. Not all pages are photo'd, only few samples:

The game we played was Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and scenario was Lost Mines Of Phandelver. +Kookko Jaskinen (Jaakko) had actually started the campaign earlier and one of the players (Human Fighter) had played earlier. Two of us just stepped in. Jaakko has this idea of running a mega campaign, where different players can join at different times, but the story will go on.
The characters were:
  • 3rd level Human Fighter with plate mail and big-ass fancy axe.
  • 1st level Human Druid, forest hobo look. Ex thief (background) I figured out.
  • 1st level Aarakocra Barbarian who looks like a turkey (my character).
My gaming equipment:
Dice and a dice cup (D-oom and other designs available at HOLVI).
Character sheets (found here).
Custom notebook for character.
D&D Basic Rules Lulu print with Petri Hiltunen's art.
In the beginning of session I (Aarakocra) and forest hobo druid had arrived to Phandelver where we went to a tavern (what else would we do, eh). Inside walked a warrior with freezing armor, who started to suggest that the forest hobo should leave, so he could have a word with this female fighter. I used my military background and officer rank to cool the situation down.

What catched my eye was an egg artifact the forest hobo was carrying. When I was just an egg, I fell through a rift from my home plane to Faerun, Icewind Dale. There barbarians raised me. I thought this artifact egg (druid's somekind of magic booster thingie) could be something related to my race. So I wanted to stick with him. Forest druid thought I am a bit weird wanting to follow him, but it was okay (motivation for my character to stick with another character achieved).

Outside we went to find out four red cloaked goons were toughing up people and stealing their money. When the fighter came out of the tavern, forest hobo charmed (spell) one of the goons and reassured him to give the money for him if the fighter who obviously had already done good deeds in the city wanted to search them. And the fighter went to interrogate the goons.

Aarakocra, as an ex soldier, decided to get near the fighter to possibly back her up if the situation would heaten. And it did, when the forest hobo decided to club one of the goons. And fight begun. Fighter's wolf companion did all her dirty work and I raged with great results!

After we fought the goons... it was late and we decided to call it a day. Getting characters together took a lot of time and there was lots of roleplaying, which was fun. And I think the simple fight versus few goons was great to let some steam out before ending the session.

Here are few pictures of the evening:

To the left where I sat Dungeon Master's The Black Hack screen, dice and starter set box.

Famous rapstar Kookko Jaskinen telling something neat about his brand new PHB.

Our to-be Druid forest hobo.

From left to right: Human Fighter, Human Druid, Aarakocra Barbarian.
Dungeon Master doing his job.


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