Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The story behind Dragon Union cover

Lohikäärmeliitto (Dragon Union in Finnish) is a fantasy RPG supplement giving some additional rules, or thoughts, of that old-school system. Lohikäärmeliitto is not a complete game, but Nestori's thoughts how fantasy old-school game works.

This is the original cover of Lohikäärmeliitto:

When Nestori sent me a basement print copy of Lohikäärmeliitto, I got a copy with watercolored cover:

I loved that cover, and when I started to work on publishind Lohikäärmeliitto in English, I wanted to reproduce the watercolored cover art instead of black and white lineart. So I scanned it and removed Finnish title and text. This is the result:

When I make booklet DIY basement prints of Dragon Union, I use watercolor paper for some texture and "feel". The result is quite nice:

If you want to see what Dragon Union is like, you can download it from RPGNow. It's pay-what-you-want, so basically the pdf could yours for free!

If you-d like to get a booklet DIY basement print of Dragon Union, send me email to doomproducts[a]gmail[dot]com. The cost is 5€ + postage.

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